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GM OE Transmission Overhaul Kits Simplify 6-Speed Repairs

When a complete transmission replacement  doesn’t seem economical or feasible for your  GM 6-speed transmission customer, another option could be a transmission overhaul.

GM helps make this easy for Independent Service Centers (ISCs) and transmission shops with a variety of available of 6-speed transmission OE overhaul kits.

Kits are available for the range of front-wheel drive transmissions (6T30-40-45-50-70 and 6T75), and rear-wheel drive transmissions (6L45-50-80 and 6L90).

jan-mar2014_transkitsEach kit consists of all the replacement parts needed to correct a specific internal transmission problem. Seals, bonded pistons, gaskets and hard parts (gear sets) are examples of some of the part-specific kits available. By ordering one part number you can simplify the process of ordering multiple parts once the problem is isolated in the course of a teardown.

GM picked up the pace of adding new kits in 2013 and will continue to add to the lineup. With 7 million GM 6-speed vehicles built between 2007 and 2013 are aging, and another 6 million 6-speed vehicles on course to be built between 2014 and 2017, demand will be increasing.

“Overhaul kits have been available for some time, but with such a huge number of 6-speed vehicles hitting the road we’ll be looking to introduce more of them as the vehicle applications expand and we identify specific kits based on customer demand,” says Shelly Jacobs, GM Customer Care & Aftersales product specialist, Transmission Components & Hybrid Batteries. “Our aim is to offer as many of the various combinations and levels of overhaul kits as we feasibly can, realizing that the kit format is the easiest and most economical way for rebuilders to purchase the parts needed for a typical overhaul.”

GM makes it easy to identify and order the exact kit needed for the overhaul. The Genuine GM Parts Powertrain Catalog, accessible at http://gmpowertrain.nexpart.com/, contains exploded views of transmissions that identify the exact parts needed and the appropriate kit, if available. In the event a kit is not available, parts can be ordered individually from your GM dealer.

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